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Our Cabins: Cabin 7

Cabin 7 is part of the main lodge building on the “ground floor”, so to speak. It is conveniently located right by the dock area and those who stay in Cabin 7 are usually the first ones on the water in the morning.

We’re the first to admit that Cabin 7 isn’t a cabin, but it’s a comfortable place to sleep, with the same amenities of our other cabins but in a much smaller space. If your idea of going to a fishing lodge is fishing, fishing and more fishing before you crash for the night in a comfy bed before hitting the water early the next morning, Cabin 7 might just be for you!

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As with all our cabins, Cabin 7 features the following amenities:

  • Hot & Cold Running Water
  • Modern, Indoor Bathrooms with Flush Toilets & Showers
  • Electricity – home-generated
  • Refrigerators
  • Wood Stoves and/or Propane Heaters
  • Battery-Powered LED Lamps for after-hours
  • Comfortable Beds
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Boardwalks between cabins & lodge


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