It's Walleye Time!

Lady Evelyn Lake produces more trophy Walleye than any other Northern Ontario lake.

Great Northern Pike Await

There are monsters in the deep. Hook your next one at Island 10!

Small Mouth, Huge Fight

Come challenge the smallies on Lady Evelyn Lake. Guaranteed to make you smile!

Catch Your Next Trophy Walleye Here!

Monster walleye lurk in Lady Evelyn Lake. Your next trophy awaits!

We Know You Can Fish

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Fishing Lady Evelyn Lake

Lady Evelyn Lake has no road access. We’ve been refining the art of bringing our guests here but the majority of recreational anglers head for lakes that are easier to get to. As a result, the lake’s stock of Northern Pike, Walleye (Pickerel, if you’re Canadian) and Smallmouth Bass are healthier and more plentiful than on other easily-accessible Northern Ontario lakes.

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A Few Suggestions

Bring along your camera for some spectacular Northern scenery. As well we suggest that you bring warm clothing for the cool mornings and evenings. Other useful items that you might want to bring are a thermos, rain gear, cooler and flashlight.

Fishing licenses are not available at the lodge. You can purchase on online before you come. Here are the links to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website for Canadian residents and non-residents.

For those wishing to explore even more of this pristine wilderness, boats are available on inland lakes at no extra charges. In addition there are no extra charges for canoes, boat service to and from the lodge, ice, fish cleaning, packaging and storage.

Our staff are happy to take care of every detail . . . awaiting you as you dock from a fishing venture, topping up your gas tank and providing you with fresh bait for your next outing. Our willingness to serve you makes your stay all that much more enjoyable!

Fishing Tips for Catching Walleye, Pike, Bass & Whitefish


A light to medium action rod 5 to 6 feet line is a good size. We suggest 8 to 10 pound test line for Walleyes.

Lures: Erie Dearie
3 way swivel & walking sinker crawler harness with a worm #9 or #11 Rapalla blue, perch, silver, or gold ¼ ounce floating jig
#2 or #3 Mepps Spinner with a worm
¼ ounce yellow jig & worm or minnow

Great Northern Pike

A medium action 6 to 7 foot rod, 10 to 12 pound test line, 12 inch steel leaders, black hooks and swivels preferred.

Lures: Pike Minnows, Rapallas
Daredevils: Black & White Weedless
Green & White – Red & White

Smallmouth Bass

Light or ultra light rod. Ultra light tackle is where the real sport is. If you’ve never fished Smallmouth with an ultra light action rod, try it, you’ll like it.

Lures: Small jigs Small Rapalla
Hooks #6 & #8 Small Mepps Spinner
Split Shot Assortment with worm or minnow


Lures: Mepps Spinners “O” size silver or gold. During the Mayfly hatch use mayflies on a small hook, and set about 18″ below a bobber, hold the Mayfly under with a small split shot sinker. Wet flies work well too. In July & August, try night crawlers and small minnows on a hook.

May & June is prime time for serious fishermen. The fish are in shallow bays and rivers during May. Cool weather is not unusual so dress accordingly. Late May to mid-June brings bugs; however, light colored clothing and bug spray helps overcome this. Due to our Island location, the black flies are not a problem at camp. Plan your shore lunches on windy points. Watch sheltered bays for moose with young at this time of year.

July & August finds Walleyes on rocky shoals, sandbars, and around islands in 8-10 feet of water. Northern Pike are found off bullrush beds, especially watch for the leafy pike weeds that just break the surface of the water – stop and fish them. Summer pike fishing on Lady Evelyn is fun. Early July usually brings out a hatch of Mayflies. They don’t bite, but they sure bring the Walleyes and the Whitefish to the surface. A good time to use a fly rod. Smallmouth Bass fishing is exceptional from opening through fall, live bait or artificials work equally well.

Late July to September is the time for BIG Northerns. The weather is generally mild, but a north wind can bring cool temperatures after mid-August. September 15th signals Fall fishing, warm days and cold nights. BIG Walleye, Bass and Pike are common.

Catch & Release Program

Island 10 acknowledges and appreciates “catch and release” practices, especially of trophy size fish. If you catch a trophy size fish, please release it. In keeping with and ease of catch and release practices, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the use of barbless hooks.

Keep in mind a Northern Ontario Walleye may take 20 years to attain maximum size. Females are generally larger than males. Taking too many healthy breeding fish out of the ecosystem means fewer fish for future generations.

Click here for the fishing guidelines (in PDF format) from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources with information on minimum catch sizes as well as daily catch quotas for our region of Ontario.

When you’re our guest and you release a trophy size fish, you will be entered into a draw for a free 7 day package the following year in recognition of your conservation efforts.

Time to Book Your Next Fishing Vacation!

Island 10 is now an annual event in our fun filled party fishing calendar as this is HANDS DOWN the best camp I have been to (overall service, cabins, meals, boats, dock staff), and the fishing this past trip was outstanding to boot. Andrea, Jason, Bonnie and all the support staff - please keep up the tireless hard work - you have a truly premium offering that is a highlight for our group! Looking forward to next year!

Jeff C.

This was my 4th trip to Island 10. Our group of 6 enjoyed 5 fabulous days at Island 10. Great meals, upscale boats powered by electric start 25 hp, very comfortable cabins that are so well maintained simply set a great foundation. Add in the amazing staff led by Andrea and Jason takes the entire experience to a ten out of ten! We caught many walleye over 20” and pike up to 33”. 

We look forward to returning next spring!

Brian K.

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